The Diabetes Center at American Hospital Dubai (AHD) is devoted to providing superb evidence-based multidisciplinary care for patients with diabetes and endocrine disorders.

The clinic is equipped to deliver the best primary and secondary care and places special emphasis on patient education. Patients of all ages are attended to including newborn babies.

As medicine continues to evolve, the field of endocrinology is no exception. AHD is at the forefront of acquiring cutting-edge developments in endocrinology.

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“We have access to and are able to incorporate the best medication choices and latest technological advances (newer insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors) approved so far in the UAE for the management of patients with diabetes,” says Dr Ahmad AI Shoha, Director of Endocrinology Department at AHD.

“These devices are quite helpful for many diabetes patients and enable the patient to live their life with diabetes and control the disease with less impact on their daily routine.”

The Diabetes Center is committed to achieving the mission and vision of AHD, in line with the UAE law, standards and regulations of the Dubai Health Authority, the Ministry of Health, Joint Commission International and established hospital and departmental policies and procedures.

Furthermore, its endocrinology doctors in Dubai offer multiple treatment choices, and shared and informed decisions are taken after detailed discussion with the patient.

The Department of Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition at AHD provides comprehensive nutritional care, including food services, medical nutrition therapy, and outpatient consultation to all patients, staff and visitors as needed. The purpose of this service is to provide medical nutrition therapy that is based on evidence-based practice guidelines and tailored to each individual, across all age groups and ethnicities.

AHD’s Endocrinology Department is also one of the first in the region to use molecular/genetic markers to aid in the management of thyroid nodules. “Access to such testing along with having outstanding interventional radiologists and surgeons puts American Hospital in the lead when it comes to managing the most advanced and complicated thyroid cancer cases,” says Dr Al Shoha.

On a different note, in June 2016 AHD became the first hospital in the region to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Mayo Clinic has been recognised as the best hospital in the US by US News and World Report.

The inclusion reflects the genuine trust in the quality of care that the hospital has been providing and gives AHD access to a wide range of current medical recommendations and trends in the US and worldwide.

“With these benefits available to every AHD physician — including endocrinologists — patients can get answers to complex medical questions at no additional cost and without them needing to travel overseas,” says Dr Al Shoha.

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