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Danish Khan, purchase manager at Corona Electromechanical Works in Al Mamzar, Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE-based companies with the word ‘Corona’ in their title say they have become the butt of jokes in the wake of recent coronavirus headlines, but they have denied facing any brand crisis.

Mohammad Shuja, owner of Corona Electrical Mechanical Works located in Al Mamzar, Dubai, said their clients have been making wisecracks at them since the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus that has claimed over 3,200 lives across the world.

“Most of it is friendly banter. We don’t take offence to it,” said the Indian expat whose six year old firm specialises in plumbing, fire protection and electrical installation works.

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Biju Bhaskaran, owner of Ajman-based Corona Electrical Equipment Trading. Image Credit: Supplied

Shuja said he decided to call his company ‘Corona’ because he was always fascinated by the Corona Effect, an electrical discharge caused by the ionisation of a fluid such as air surrounding an electrically charged conductor.

“But now the mere mention of our company’s name draws stares. The other day someone jestfully asked us to stay away from them,” he chuckled.

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Similar jocular barbs are directed at Biju Bhaskaran, owner of Ajman-based Corona Electrical Equipment Trading.

“Everywhere we go, our clients say, oh you are from Corona, please maintain distance,” said the Keralite whose firm deals in building management systems.

Both Shuja and Bhaskaran said they have no plans to change their firm’s name as it hasn’t had any negative impact on their business.

Did you know?

Electrical engineers borrowed the Latin word ‘corona’ (crown) to describe the glow around a conductor subjected to sufficiently high voltage. This glow is caused by ionisation of gas and subsequent release of light when electrons that gained energy from the high electric field revert to their original stable state.