Sharjah private schools reopen under strict COVID-19 guidelines
Sharjah private schools are all set to return to full in-classroom learning by October 31. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: The Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management team in Sharjah, in coordination with Sharjah Private Education Authority (Spea), has decided to allow a gradual return to in-classroom learning at all private schools in the emirate, so that by October 31, all private schools in the emirate can resume a full return to school for physical learning. To ensure this, all necessary precautionary and preventive measures have been adopted to ensure highest standards of safety and hygiene for students and school staff.

Those students and staff members who are sick have been exempted from physically attending school.

This decision came during a meeting today, chaired by Major General Saif Al Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, head of the local Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management team in Sharjah, and in the presence of Dr. Muhadditha Al Hashemi, Chairman of Spea, as well as officials and representatives of the relevant authorities in the General Command of Sharjah Police, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority — Sharjah Center, Sharjah Medical District, Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority, Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, Government of Media Office Sharjah, and Emirates Transport.

The meeting discussed the latest developments in the educational field involving private schools and the developments in the health sector in the emirate. Dr Al Hashemi reviewed the results and statistics of the plan developed by the authority in view of the pandemic, and he also assessed the precautionary and preventive measures undertaken to ensure a safe environment for students as they return to schools.

The proposal submitted by Dr Al Hashemi regarding return to in-classroom learning in all private schools in the emirate, was supported by the head of the local Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management team in Sharjah. It was decided that as students return to schools for physical learning, the authorities concerned will monitor the health status of students and educational institutions in the emirate, under the directives of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection.

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Need for cooperation

Major General Al Shamsi stressed the importance of cooperation of school administrations and students’ families to ensure a full and safe return to classrooms. He praised the efforts of the authorities concerned to overcome the repercussions of the pandemic.

Spea has put in place all necessary plans and preparations to ensure a full return to classrooms by students.