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A Hassantuk officer monitors the fires on his screen at the operation centre of Hassantuk. Supplied by Hassantuk Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: Commercial towers that are registered and connected with the Hassantuk smart fire alarm system, will be entitled to lower insurance premiums for their structures from insurance companies, Hassantuk told Gulf News on Wednesday.

Hassantuk - the fire safety monitoring system - said it is reinforcing its commitment to the community by facilitating lower insurance rates for registered and connected commercial buildings.

In a statement to Gulf News, Hassantuk clarified that Hassantuk’s annual maintenance and installation fees for the smart fire alarm systems has nothing to do with the insurance premiums of buildings.

“The fees associated with Hassantuk are completely separate from any insurance premium provided by the insurance companies,” the spokesperson said.

In terms of discounts, the official said, “The discounts offered by the insurance companies (after their assessments) are provided because of the connection to Hassantuk and the 24x7 monitoring of the buildings fire and life safety systems.”

And where insurance premiums are concerned, the spokesperson added: “The insurance rates are defined by the insurance companies after they have completed the required assessments for the building and its use.”

A statement from Hassantuk said, “By working with several insurance companies, Hassantuk is helping owners obtain reduced insurance premiums for connected buildings. A connected building is monitored around-the-clock by Hassantuk, an AI solution that revolutionises not only safety in buildings but also the ability for emergency services to respond to fire and life safety events.”

Khaled Al Melhi, CEO of Injazat, said: “By using state-of-the-art AI and leading-edge technology, Hassantuk is able to reduce the frequency of fires and life-threatening events in connected buildings across the UAE.”

“At Injazat, we are fully committed to lead the drive of innovation to support digital transformation in the UAE, an integral step towards smarter and hyper-aware communities,” Al Melhi added.

Ayman Alsebeyi, General Manager of Hassantuk, said, “Mutual cooperation between building owners, Civil Defence, government departments and insurance companies is a major component of our programme and its continuing success. To this end we are highlighting the benefits of Hassantuk vastly increasing the safety of people and property across the UAE, and dramatically reducing the costs associated with any fire and life safety event by both damage mitigation and a reduction in any repair costs.”

With the increased awareness of the UAE insurance industry, we can demonstrate that our well-defined safety policies can produce cost-saving benefits that will not only lower costs to the insurers and lead to reduced premiums but also maintain the high level of safety across each connected building,” he said.

The Hassantuk system is specifically designed as a scalable and flexible public service platform that can incorporate requirements that are linked directly or indirectly with public safety, building protection and environmental impacts. Supporting smart city initiatives that incorporate public safety, building protection and citizen-centric experiences, the Hassantuk solution can be used to monitor, manage and take action on any requirements, unifying information and creating usable intelligence for different stakeholders.

This provides an unprecedented level of insight and intelligence for governments, municipalities, emergency services, businesses and the general public in a controlled way at a federal level.

What is Hassantuk?

Hassantuk is the first strategic Public-Private Initiative between the Ministry of Interior and Injazat, the region’s foremost IT strategists. It is designed to increase the efficiency of emergency service responses to all fire and life safety emergency alarms through a state-of-the-art smart system, helping to shorten response times and increase response efficiency to all emergency events across the UAE and contribute to reducing danger to life and damage to property by maintaining building safety around-the-clock by providing the foundations for a truly unified smart city platform.

All building owners across the UAE are legally required to register and subscribe to the Hassantuk system. Full registration details and support can be found on the Hassantuk website or by calling the contact center on 800 DEFEND (333363).