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Dubai Garden Glow — that’s strategically located in the heart of the city, and which is a one-stop attraction for all things fun and happening. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Pack your bags and rush to Dubai Garden Glow as the validity of the Gulf News Vouchers has been extended from April 30 2021 to May 30 2021. Don’t miss the extra time to earn extra Fun & Smile for your Family & Friends.

We are all looking forward to a break from our daily life. In this maximum city, where you’re spoilt silly for choice, there’s one great option to celebrate the festive air in.

Dubai Garden Glow — that’s strategically located in the heart of the city, and which is a one-stop attraction for all things fun and happening.

The theme park, that houses unique concepts like the Glow Park, Dinosaurs Park and Magic Park, promises to get back the mojo back in your life, and help you celebrate this special time of the year like never before. With its 10 million LED Lights, more than 120 Animatronic Dinosaurs & more than 27 Optical Illusion set-ups adding a unique sparkle to the timetable of Dubai, here’s why this festive season is best spent at Dubai Garden Glow.

1) Embrace the outdoors: Let us plan to spend more time in outdoors — instead of being cramped inside. This time, rather than being boxed in some restaurant space or at a house party, let yourself out in the vast environs of this theme park, and soak in the positivity and lights, while tending to the call of the wild (this year, the theme of the park is ‘Back to Nature’, and it recreates a one-of-a-kind high-voltage jungle).

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The dinos at Dubai Garden Glow. Image Credit: Supplied

2) Festive family fun: There’s no need to segregate family activities — At Dubai Garden Glow, the whole family can come together as one and have the time of their lives! There’s something for everyone: Dinos and forest trails, walking paths and lively food stations, Art made of recycled materials and Magic Park creating a World of Optical Illusion … and all of it set in an inclusive, wholesome and sprawling ambience.

3) Get in on the act at Magic Park

If you are someone who doesn’t like sitting on the sidelines, Dubai Garden Glow’s latest attraction is just the place for you. Unleash the actor in you and put on the photographer’s hat as you and your family interact with the exhibits to create Instagrammable optical illusions. Take photos of you climbing up the walls of the upside-down room. Or create an image of you in a mirror looking out at you. Or capture a shot of you standing at a 45-degree angle in the living room. Try out various combinations to come up with fun, quirky photographs that you would love to share with the world. Don’t worry if you feel a bit lost. There are people on hand to help you capture the precious moments for posterity.

4) Get fit while having fun: The endless walking trails at Dubai Garden Glow will — and we’re sure once you get energised suitably, you will make fitness one of your resolutions too!

"Dubai Garden Glow is extending the validity of the Gulf News Vouchers from April 30, 2021 to May 30 2021, keeping in view that the most of the Gulf News subscribers can avail the benefit of Gulf News Subscription Deal," said Chanchal Samanta, Director of Dubai Garden Glow.

Dubai Garden Glow remains open from 5pm to 10:30pm from Saturday to Thursday, from 5pm to 11pm on Friday.