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The UAE aims to expand its regional cooperation: Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash Image Credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai: Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Diplomatic Advisor to the UAE President, announced the UAE's commitment to establishing international partnerships to enhance relations beyond politics and economy, especially in the field of technology.

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Speaking at the Arab Media Forum, Dr. Gargash highlighted the significance of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s visits to South Korea and China. These visits align with the UAE’s strategy to strengthen ties with Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, Korea, Japan, and China. Additionally, the UAE aims to expand regional collaboration and mend ties with Iran.

During a discussion on the current regional challenges and their impact on the development of the Gulf and Arab regions, Dr. Anwar Gargash stressed the need for a clear roadmap to achieve a lasting solution in Gaza. He cautioned that without a clear roadmap, the situation in Gaza would revert to a cycle of escalation and temporary calm, potentially culminating in a crisis.

Dr. Gargash stressed, "The region cannot sustain further escalations," highlighting the plight of thousands of orphans in Gaza as a consequence of the ongoing unrest due to the unresolved regional issues.

Concerning the concept of the nation-state, Dr. Gargash remarked, "The international system relies on the nation-state, a construct increasingly undermined in the Arab region by the presence of armed militias and foreign meddling in Arab domestic affairs."

“The UAE firmly believes in the justice of the Palestinian cause, a fact deeply rooted in our Arab, Islamic, and human conscience. The UAE has made significant efforts to support the humanitarian aspect in Gaza,” Dr. Gargash said.

He emphasised that the Palestinian cause is not new, but the violence against civilians has reached brutal dimensions, noting that Israel is losing its international standing due to its policies. “The UAE is convinced that the political track is the only option to end the conflict, with the two-state solution being the foundation for regional stability.”

He highlighted the current atrocities, including the systematic attacks on Gaza, particularly the recent assaults on Rafah, and the targeting of hospitals and unarmed civilians. The increasing number of orphans and martyrs underscores the urgent need to address the humanitarian aspect of the conflict, he stressed.

“There is no doubt that the international system is flawed, and we must work towards establishing a stronger Arab voice to ensure that our issues are not marginalised and got lost among others’ issues,” the President’s Diplomatic Adviser remarked.

He noted that since October 7, the Palestinian cause has been at the forefront of the policy agenda of Arab countries.

“The policy of containment has failed miserably, revealing that containment, by its very nature, is a temporary measure that does not eliminate injustice or oppression. The entire world, and every consent person, agrees with this,” Dr. Gargash added.