Image Credit: Noorhan Barakat/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Police revealed a new mobile radar, which will be fitted in patrol cars and can automatically catch speeding vehicles.

The new radar was being showcased on a Lexus RCF at Gitex Technology Week 2015, but is expected to be fitted on the regular Dubai Police 4x4 patrols and undercover patrols.

Lt Col Hussain Ahmad Bin Ghalita, Director of the Traffic Technologies Department at Dubai Traffic Police, said, “The idea from this new radar technology is for us to change people’s traffic culture, as people speed, then slow down just before the radars. We want people to abide by the speed limit all the time,”

The department has only one radar for now, and do not have exact numbers of how many will be fitted. The decision, Lt Col Bin Ghalita said, will be taken by Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief.

The radar’s camera is fitted on the patrol’s dashboard and the sensor and flash are fitted in the body of the vehicle, behind the number plate.

“The radar is very discreet and people would not be able to tell which patrols are fitted with it,” he said.

He said the police officer in the patrol just needs to do is choose the speed of the street on a tablet inside the patrol and then drive around and the radar will do the rest.

“Some people may ask how it will work if the car is moving. The radar measures the speed it’s going at, and the speed of the cars around it and subtract one from the other, giving an accurate reading of the speed at which the cars are travelling,”

If the car is speeding, the radar will automatically record a speeding fine and send it through a system.

He said the radar can distinguish between light and heavy vehicles and has all the capabilities of a regular fixed radar.

“Our aim is to teach people to abide by traffic rules at all times, which is for their own safety,” he said.

He added that slowing down just before a radar could lead to serious accidents, which is far worse then getting fined for speeding.