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The five-member bomb disposal squad was selected based on a set criterion and the members' passion to work in this challenging field. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A group of five policemen will be part of Dubai Police’s all-women squad for defusing bombs and running security checks for the Explosives Defusing Department.

Brigadier Rashid Al Falasi, Deputy Director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police, said though usually it is men who mostly dominate bomb disposal squads, the female team members of Dubai Police have proven their high efficiency at the job, too.

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“Dubai Police are proud of their policewomen who have always been keen on taking up difficult specialisations. Five women have qualified after eight months of special courses to develop their skills, between February and September this year,” Brig Al Falasi said in a statement.

Al Falasi said that the establishment of the women team came after direct guidance from and follow-up by Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, who has stressed the importance of supporting women to learn, train and work in all disciplines — just like men.

The team members were selected based on a set criterion and their passion to work in this field. They received specialised training covering explosives at crucial entry points, the security inspections course and how to deal with suspicious objects in buildings.

They also received practical training and fitness classes, and took part in Dubai’s National Sterilisation Programme.

Sergeant Nawf Ibrahim said that Dubai Police have worked diligently to develop the team’s competencies and skills through a series of spcialised programmes and workshops, which helped increase their readiness to accomplish the force’s mission.

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First Corporal Kholoud Al Merri, one of the team members, said it had always been her passion to work in a challenging environment. Image Credit: Supplied

She added that the team’s participation in the National Sterilisation Programme has helped the female members work closely with the other specialised teams.

First Corporal Kholoud Al Merri said that it had been her passion to work in a challenging environment. This passion grew stronger when she joined Dubai Police.