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Lieutenant Nouf Khaled Ahli has been appointed as the first female duty police officer at any police station in Dubai. Image Credit:

Dubai: First female duty officer has been appointed at Naif Police station in Dubai.

Lieutenant Nouf Khaled Ahli, who graduated from the Dubai Police Academy as part of the first batch of Dubai Police female candidates, has now become the first female general duty police officer in Dubai. It is the first time that a female police officer will work as ‘duty police officer’.

Upon her graduation, Lt Ahli received her training at Naif Police Station where she was introduced to various administrative, security, criminal and legal duties being discharged by the centre.

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Lieutenant Nouf Khaled Ahli has been appointed as the first female duty police officer in Dubai.

Lt Ahli said she insisted on taking the challenge to become a general duty officer after she noticed that there were no female cadres in this field.

“I feel very proud to be working at Dubai Police, which enjoys a global reputation, thanks to its world-class achievements. Working at Dubai Police is like a dream for many people seeking excellence, creativity and innovation. In addition to providing a unique work environment, Dubai Police supports its staff on all levels and empowers female cadres through launching initiatives and programmes that all aim to develop their capabilities and skills across various disciplines,” she added.

The duties and responsibilities of duty general officers include carrying out daily meeting, explaining the security situation, overseeing the distribution of security patrols, receiving visitors and complainants, supervising reports and processing them in the system, and conducting inspection tours, among others.