Abu Dhabi: In a new decree, the Ministry of Environment of Water has sought to curb the rampant hunting of sharks in the country's waters.

Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, issued the ministerial decree on bye-laws of Federal Law No 23 of 1999.

According to the decree, only motorboats are henceforth allowed to hunt 'JurJur' sharks. These motorboats must have a licence issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water permitting it to hunt sharks.

A person with more than one motorboat will be allowed to use only one of them to hunt sharks. The maximum 'Mayadir' traps allowed for each motorboat during hunting must not exceed 100.

The decree bans hunting of sharks from January 1 to the end of April of every year. It also bans the hunting of whale sharks and hunting of sharks for fins.

The decree urged owners of motorboats to co-operate with the coast guards and all other authorities by providing to them the necessary information about their expeditions and catches.