Actors, actresses, and entertainment personalities who have at one time or another endorsed McDonald and Jolibee hamburgers, including bags and feminine hygiene products, are now playing kingmakers by endorsing political candidates.

Opposition Senator Panfilo Lacson, no different from other candidates, said that presidential and vice presidential campaigns should be fuelled by celeb-rities to get the attention of many star-struck Filipino voters.

As is he is talking about how to sell food products in a campaign ad, Pangilinan said, "Among the top endorsers (nowadays) are Kris Aquino, Sharon Cuneta, and Aga Muhlach. Any celebrity who endorses a candidate will give thatcandidate a boost," he said.

"We cannot consider Sharon because she is married to Senator Francis Pangilinan," said Lacson. Earlier, when Pangilinan married Cuneta, many said it would boost his political career.

"Aga Muhlach has not approached us. And we are not planning to approach him," said Lacson, who revealed his belief that entertainment personalities have prices on their head and are seldom driven by the candidates' platform.

When asked why he chose the young Aquino to endorse his candidacy, he said, "Of course, she has not consulted with her mother, or uncle (Congressman Agapito Aquino who belongs to the opposition), or her brother (Congressman Benigno Aquino), said Lacson.

"You know, Kris is headstrong and independent. She is a big girl now, according to her, and whatever her choices she will express,"said Lacson.

The young Aquino is a different breed altogether. Apart from being controversial, she has also become very popular as a talk show and for her frankness about scandals surrounding her love affairs with married men.

The ruling party has spoken of endorsing her as governor of Tarlac, her father's hometown. She is expected to run against the favourite candidate of her uncle, Eduardo Cojuangco, who has been estranged from her mother, Cory Aquino.