Haidar Taleb will set off on a journey which will take him across all seven emirates in a solar-powered wheelchair. The trip starts today and will last until UAE National Day. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Abu Dhabi: To promote innovation and renewable energy across the UAE, a 47-year- old Emirati, Haidar Taleb, will set off on a journey from tomorrow (November 22) all the way up to the National Day, which will take him across all seven emirates in a solar-powered wheel chair.

The Emirati recently rose to national fame after setting a Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled in a motorized solar-powered wheelchair, when he traveled 14 hours non-stop from Masdar City to Sharjah last November.

Starting in Fujairah, his 11-day journey will take him to schools, universities, police stations, and social centers for people with special needs, before he finishes in Abu Dhabi's Corniche on December 2.

"With this journey I hope to raise awareness of disability and sustainability, as well as what we can achieve as individuals if we have the courage and determination to try. When we have this determination, there are no limits to our creativity. That is the message I want to spread. I set off in the hope of inspiring people across the UAE, but it is the overwhelming support I have already received that will be my inspiration until I reach Abu Dhabi."

"With my upgraded solar-powered wheelchair, developed with Masdar's support, I want to visit the seven emirates to demonstrate the value of renewable energy and sustainability," Haidar said. "Investing time and effort to develop green technologies is very rewarding on different fronts. I believe there is a lot of talent in the UAE and one of the best ways to celebrate the National Day is by demonstrating what we are capable of achieving," said Haidar.