What adults can learn from the young
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Maanvi Padival
Grade 9, Indian High School Dubai

Maanvi Padival
Maanvi Padival Image Credit: Supplied

Life is a learning process. It isn’t always necessary that it should be the younger ones who should always learn from adults. It could be the other way round too. There are a countless numbers of things adults can learn from people my age. So here goes:

To do what they love, and love what they do: I have noticed many adults get stressed about their jobs. This, in my view happens because perhaps they are being forced into doing it. Unlike adults, children indulge doing what they love.

Live life in a more cheerful and optimistic way: Adults should learn to be confident and happy about the decisions they make instead of worrying about the after-effects.

To be humble and polite: As people grow up, their behaviour changes and they tend to hurt people around them or they begin to believe that they are the best. This in turn ends up making them behave in a selfish way. All that matters to them is money but what actually matters in life is family, friends, love and well wishes from the people around you.
Bring out the child in them: As we grow up, the innocence we had as a child vanishes and we forget that life is about having fun because you only live once.

The celebrity I would like to have lunch with... Ariana Grande. I would use the opportunity to ask her how she has achieved her dreams despite the obstacles she has faced and also because she has a kind and goofy personality.