Malaysian and GEMS Education officials at the signing ceremony during the Najah Education Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Around 25 Malaysian universities will offer Dh10-million annual scholarships to students of 50 schools in the UAE operated by the GEMS Education.

The GEMS UniConnect, an arm of GEMS facilitating scholarships and similar opportunities, and Education Malaysia Global Assist (EMGA), a Malaysian education consultant, signed an agreement in this regard on Thursday at NAJAH, a prominent higher education and training event in Abu Dhabi.

7,000 senior GEMS students will benefit from the annual scholarships

Malaysia is becoming a favourite higher-studies destination of international students, said Syed Mohammad Hasrin Aidid, the Malaysian Ambassador to the UAE.

Kierstan Connors, associate director of GEMS college and career counselling worldwide, said 150,000 pupils are studying at 50 schools in the UAE and the scholarships will benefit around 7,000 senior pupils among them, who will be going to the universities. “We have Dh1billion annual scholarships for our senior pupils, in partnership with around 250 universities across the globe,” Connors said.

Ahmad Rezal Chan, senior partner at Education Malaysia, said engineering degree courses at a Malaysian universities are very popular. The scholarships offered by the universities cover 15 to 100 per cent of the total fee, he said.

“We regularly conduct workshops for students and parents to educate them about the scholarships and similar opportunities,” Chan said.