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Disha Sujit Image Credit: Supplied

Disha Sujit

Grade 8, Our Own English High School Sharjah (Girls)

Two whole months to luxuriate in leisure. That’s one way to look at summer holidays.

Then there’s sleep. Probably one of my favorite things to do [during the summer break] is to sleep. Waking up at whatever time and staying up late is part of my vacation fun. Though doing this throughout the summer does make it hard to return to my regular sleep schedule when school reopens.

Then there’s travel. One of my favorite activities. The packing the night before leaving, the excitement of arriving at the airport, the takeoff and then waiting to check into the most wished-for the hotel rooms.

And the family time. Spending time with my family has always been my cherished activitiy during summer holidays. With working parents, it’s difficult to only have Fridays to spend time with them and summer holidays give my sister and me an open schedule to spend time with my parents and of course my little puppy, Snowy.

Holidays are a time to know life outside of books and school. We should treasure each and every moment of our life. Summer holidays give us more time to enjoy, stay stress-free and be happy and I could not be more grateful.

But it’s all not rosy, it it. Summer holidays also mean exam preparations. The most stressful part of the summer is the fact that right after it’s over, there is something irksome waiting to welcome us: back to school.

Knowing that exams are around the corner when school reopens gives you an unsettling feeling which can be a bit of dampener. As usual, parents will urge us to focus academics.

And, lastly, there’s the homework load.

Whether they are projects or worksheets, I find holiday homework the most vexatious task during the summer break.