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Kids First Group has a portfolio of nurseries offering education at various price points Image Credit: Supplied

Kids First Group was established in 2011 and operates 13 early childhood centres across the UAE.

“We are committed to providing children with a true solid early childhood foundation in order for them to become resilient, global citizens for the challenging future that lies ahead,” says Samia Khwaja, Group Standards and Quality Manager, Kids First Group. “We believe each child deserves the best possible start in life and with our support they can enjoy a rich and rewarding childhood through our holistic approach of developing the whole child.”

When asked about the essentials of a good early childhood education institute, she says, “The school must have highly competent, skilled, passionate and dedicated early childhood practitioners at its core. Early childhood educators not only guide and direct children but inspire them to develop a lifelong love of learning through exploration and mutual respect for one another and the world we live in.

“The first six years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. They lay the foundation that shapes a child’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievements at school, within the family and ultimately in life.”

Kids First Group nurseries look at unlocking a child’s potential by providing a rich and stimulating environment where children have the freedom to choose and explore. “By introducing novel and innovative approaches and transforming and redefining traditional concepts of early childhood education, we are preparing children to thrive in a future for which the jobs they will hold do not yet exist,” she says.

“By engaging children in conversation, encouraging analytical thinking through experimentation and play and providing rich resources our nurseries allow for children to develop not only spatial but self-awareness as well. From the structural foundation to the qualified and professional staff, we believe that children should always be at the center of our model of education. All our decisions are focused on a child-first mindset,” says Khwaja. “We exercise due diligence to recruit and retain early years practitioners who have the drive and motivation to make an impact in the lives of our young and eager learners.”

Kids First Group has a portfolio of nurseries offering education at various price points catering to the wider needs of parents belonging to diverse cultures and varied economic backgrounds. “We work very closely with families and corporations and each nursery has its own unique culture and feel, having grown out of the needs of the surrounding community.”

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