Portrait of multiethnic schoolboys enjoying friendship. Image Credit: Agency

Jhanavi Ravi

Grade 8, Gems our Own English High School, Dubai

None of our lives are perfect. Everyone has some issue or the other to deal with.

Some consider this world ‘cruel’, ‘harsh’ and ‘bitter’. Others consider the people around them to be mean and heartless. We feel as though there is no hope, as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but what if there is a light? What if this light is just covered by a big rock? What if we can get the rock out of the tunnel and find the bright and beaming light?

So here is my proposal: I would like to set up a business called ‘Help and Give’ which would do just that. It would not only find the light in the tunnel for those who just see darkness, but it would help find diamonds in these tunnels as well. It would help change people’s perspective from ‘You can’t’ to ‘You will’.

How will I do it?

Our business would help make it easier for students to communicate. For example, a lot of kids feel uncomfortable talking to elders about their issues. Our business would have children communicating with other children.

Each child would be given a ‘Buddy’, someone who they could talk to. Students facing problems would send us their concerns and our company would pair a certain set of students to talk and vent to each other.

A lot of kids feel uncomfortable talking to elders about their issues. We would have children communicating with other children.

- Jhanavi Ravi

We would check on these chats and conversations to see whether suitable advice is being given. However, there are some topcs which are more adult appropriate so one of experts in our company would chat with them instead. The child would have to join our chats only with the permission of their guardian.

Our company’s goal would be that every school should encourage students to join our website and talk about their feelings. Even if you don’t have any issues or problems there is always someone who does and that someone might really need some help and advice.

What will this achieve?

We want children to be willing to lend a helping hand. Our job is to make kids talk with each other. This helps them improve their patience, perspective/opinions about things and will generally help improve their wellbeing (physically and emotionally) in the long run. We want children to know that they are not alone and that somebody will always be there to help.

Nobody in this world deserves to be unhappy. We can help, we can give.

Do you believe aliens exist?

“We live in a galaxy known as ‘The Milky Way’ in a huge space in the sky we call ‘The Universe’ and have no idea what lies outside the Milky Way. In my opinion, I do believe aliens exist and that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes one can imagine.”