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From Kindergarten to the graduate level, the three German International Schools of the United Arab Emirates, situated respectively in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai offer education “made in Germany”. They are part of a network of currently 140 German Schools abroad in 72 countries all certified through the German Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK). They adhere to a worldwide quality standard and are recognised for this with the seal of approval “Excellent German School Abroad” signed by the German Federal President. All schools in the network are governed by the Federal Republic of Germany, which sponsors qualified teachers from Germany and financially support the schools.

German Schools Abroad do not only impart academic and language skills, but shape their students to become global citizens. Through the cooperation with Germany and being governed by the Federal Republic of Germany, the three German Schools Abroad in the UAE are at the core of intercultural exchange and place a high emphasis on maintaining German and Arabic cultural assets in a strong school community. They follow a German curriculum, which is specifically supplemented and expanded by Arabic and social studies from the local curriculum.

German Schools Abroad offer a variety of graduate qualifications, such as the German International Abitur (DIA), the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the Bilingual International Baccalaureate (BIB). All respective diplomas offer the highly qualified German students the chance to not only study in Germany but also worldwide.

The German International School in Abu Dhabi (GISAD), founded in 2008, is owned by the German Embassy in Abu Dhabi and generously supported by the Crown Prince Court. Since 2008, GISAD has establisheditself as a renowned international school that is regularly awarded “very good” from ADEK (Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge).

Roughly 400 students attend GISAD and are taught by highly trained teachers, mainly from Germany, although other nationalities include British, Austrian, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian and Jordanian. GISAD has a German curriculum, based on the German Thuringian Education Plan. Our curriculum incorporates bilingual elements and offers our students of 17 different nationalities a multicultural learning environment. The relatively small size of the school allows for a familiar atmosphere, students feel at “home” at GISAD.

The focus on multilingual education begins at the kindergarten level and offers language instruction in German and English. Further, the GISAD offers the Linguistic Integration Program (LIP) for academically high achieving students with little or no prior knowledge in German but seeking a late entry into the German education system.

Our graduates benefit from the general educational approach the German curriculum offers to combine a global awareness of culture with deepened knowledge in math and sciences: They study different fields of science, medicine, and business administration, to name a few, at prestigious universities. We are proud that the first Emirati student from a German School Abroad graduated in 2019 at GISAD.

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The German International School (DIS Sharjah), is known for its unique ambience of a green oasis right in the heart of Sharjah. Founded in 1976, it is a school with vast experience and a long history, following its commitment to progress and to providing its students with the best education. Having nearly 200 students in kindergarten, primary, secondary and the (G)IB, the DIS Sharjah has succeeded in creating a familial atmosphere that enhances learning and provides the children with a place to feel at home.

The atmosphere of openness and mutual support promotes teamwork as well as personal growth and independence in the students. The campus offers great facilities for scientific work, music, arts and sports while the spacious outdoor area, boasting wide lawns and shading trees is ideal for playing and relaxing.

Thanks to small classes, the DIS Sharjah teachers can give the students the individual attention they require to develop their skills and potentials. We aim to enable their multilingual, responsible and analytical thinking along with digital, social and critical thinking skills to prepare them for the work place of tomorrow.

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The German International School Dubai, DISD, was founded in 2008 and is owned by the Consulate General in Dubai. Around 750 students from more than 30 nations study here in a respectful and open- minded atmosphere. DISD is located in Dubai Academic City and can be counted among the most modern German Schools Abroad. DISD fosters the unique German engineering spirit and aspires STEM excellence (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) from Kindergarten to the Abitur. The school offers an outstanding and inspiring learning environment with modern science labs, two libraries and state-of-the-art sport facilities to cater to the students’ needs in every category.

All Primary and Secondary School classes work with iPads, implemented with an innovative evidence based approach. DISD students thrive in a multilingual environment and develop into true global citizens with the German language as a core competence. Many of the students reach a native speaker level in several languages, next to German, as well in English and Arabic. The city Dubai, region and the world serve as classrooms in stimulating national and international excursions and exchange programs.

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