I would like to pursue a degree in Informatics Practices. I would like to know what career options are available to me once I have successfully completed the course.
Mareen, Dubai 

Informatics is a relatively new subject that studies human and computer interaction, technology, social science and algorithms. I am sure it is going to be useful in almost all disciplines because to put it simply, it helps you understand how computerisation works and how computers store information and process it. Today, anyone who can exploit the potential of technology has an advantage in the job market.

While studying Informatics, you may combine it with other courses like Computer Science, Informatics Technology, Informatics Engineering, maybe even music! There are other areas where informatics could be used, for instance, in business, health sciences, chemistry and law, to name just a few.

The study of informatics in relation to information technology and health care could aid the public health system hugely in sourcing, saving and locating important patient-related material. As the population grows and ages the need to store health-related data safely will increase. Not surprisingly, informatics has become a much sought-after subject by many students and is being offered in numerous colleges almost all over the world. 

I am doing my MBA in Human Resources through distance education. I would like to pursue a career in the UAE and want to know what else I need to do academically to be able to find an attractive job. I have no previous work experience. Please could you offer some advice?
Nehya Malik, Pune, India, via email 

My understanding is that the programme you are enrolled for is a diploma and not a degree, as it is a distance learning programme. I would have recommended a degree, which would be looked upon more favourably by employers, rather than a diploma.

I suggest you supplement this with another regular masters or an MBA to add more weight to your résumé. Choosing a specialisation would need to be explored, keeping in mind your interests and future goals. Do consult a college adviser and maybe consider doing a psychometric test to see where your inclination lies.

My son is interested in psychology. What are the different courses offered and how wide is the scope in terms of careers?
JJ, via email 

Put simply, psychology is the study of human behaviour. A professional in this field would be able to treat people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions and/or disorders. Careers directly related to psychology but which might need some additional training are in educational counselling, health/occupational/criminal psychology, sport and teaching. In the corporate world, jobs are open for psychologists in human resources, administration, sales and marketing, advertising and law, among others.

Sanjeev Verma began his career with Ernst & Young before moving on to set up the Gulf operations of IDP Education Pty. He now leads Intelligent Partners in Dubai developing a wide range of solutions in areas of international education