My daughter has registered for a Chartered Accountancy (CA) Course in India and has taken the integrated professional competence course (IPCC) Group I exams. Can she pursue her Articles training in Dubai and if so what is the procedure?  
Vasanthi, Dubai 

First, I must apologise to readers that in an earlier article I had mistakenly mentioned that Article training is not possible outside India. I understand it is possible to undergo Article training in Dubai. The training will have to be done with a firm of Chartered Accountants in which one partner has a residential address in India. There are quite a few firms in Dubai that meet this criterion. To get a list of these firms I suggest you contact the Dubai Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) which is based at Knowledge Village. Your daughter will need to do three years of Articles, at the end of which she will be eligible to sit for the CA final examinations.

My daughter is interested in taking up a career in child psychology. Which subjects should she study in higher secondary and which degree programmes should she consider if pursuing her studies in India?
Anna, Dubai

Before your daughter makes up her mind on pursuing a career in psychology, I suggest she undertake an internship with a volunteer organisation to get some experience of interacting with people closely. Indian colleges offer a three-year BA/BSc course in Psychology. For further specialisation she can pursue postgraduate studies. At school she should have a background in maths (algebra, statistics), science (biology), social sciences and English. This selection will build her numerical skills, analytic reasoning and communication skills.