Basheer Ahmad guides students in repairing the devices at GEMS Modern Academy in Nad Al Sheba. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Students of GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai last week gifted laptops and watches to the school’s support staff after refurbishing the devices under the school’s Revive initiative.

The student-led Academic and IT Council repaired the devices under supervision of Basheer Ahmad, the school’s assistant engineer for hardware.

Last Wednesday, the support staff were gifted 25 laptops and eight watches in the latest edition of Revive during a ceremony at the school.

Nizam Mudwen, head of office boys at the school, who has received a laptop under Revive, said the laptop is helping his daughter with her studies for a computer science degree in India.

“I feel privileged and honoured to receive the laptop from the Academic and IT Council. It’s been very useful for my daughter; she is using it for her further studies. I hope this initiative continues to benefit many people,” he said.

It’s been very useful for my daughter; she is using it for her further studies. I hope this initiative continues to benefit many people.

- Nizam Mudwen, Head of office boys at the school

Revive has successfully refurbished disused 95 laptops, 225 mobile phones, as well as a number of tablets and watches since its first edition in 2017. The devices are given by school staff, parents, and students to the council, whose members refurbish the devices so they can be gifted to support staff.

Keane Moraes, leader of the Academic and IT Council, said all data on the refurbished devices is “wiped” and the software completely reinstalled before they are packaged and handed over to support staff. He said it was a privilege for the council members to work for Revive, which benefits the support staff and their families, as well as teaching students new skills.

95 laptops

225 mobile phones, as well as tablets and watches refurbished since Revive’s first edition in 2017

Ritesh Dhanak, chief innovation and digital officer, GEMS Modern Academy, said Revive also benefits teaching assistants and their children.

“In fact, recently we had someone who had to secure admission of their children into a college. They needed a device for them but could not really buy a new one. So we had one that was refurbished very well and given to them,” Dhanak said.

Revive started two years ago in collaboration with Praxis Advertising. Amitabh Swarup, CEO of Praxis Advertising, is also a parent of two students who have since graduated from the school.

The school’s support staff with their laptops. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

“The idea was to create awareness for the amount of electronic waste that gets generated. The UAE tops in e-waste collected in the region. The rate at which the devices are getting churned out, the sad part is that they all stay with us in our homes; they really don’t go out and get recycled properly,” Swarup said.

“So Revive is a great initiative; it’s really become part of the school’s curriculum, and there’s so much of drive, so much of involvement from the students and staff.”