Some climate advocates during the Eco Walk event at Expo City in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Eco Walk held at COP28 saw sustainability champions and climate advocates take pledge to fight climate action on an individual, corporate, and community level.

Aligning with the vision of COP28 the Eco Walk encouraged individuals to spread knowledge about climate action and make behavioral changes on personal level.

Over a 100 students from the ‘Little Flower School’ created placards with sustainable messages. T-shirts distributed were made of recycle material. The food served was vegetarian ensuring lower greenhouse gas emissions Goodie bags were made of Ghaf tree seeds, plant insulation for green spaces and environmentally conscious facial products.

Juhi Yasmeen Khan the founder of ECO WALK & Advisory board Gulf Sustainability Awards said: “It was truly a beautiful sight to see so many people attend the Eco Walk despite their busy schedules. We hope to have more people in the future to make this a bigger global movement.”

Mohammad Mustafa Co-Founder of Eco Walk also stated that: “Eco Walk’s main three SDGs was climate action, responsible consumption and partnership for the goals.”

Attendees signed their names on a pledge wall against climate change and encouraging more such Eco Walks. Attendees then explored the Slovenian Pavilion and enjoy the green architecture whilst speaking with their fellow Ecowalkers.