20210118 dubai tourists
Mask-clad tourists visit the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood of Dubai. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Learning platform Dubai Way, created by Dubai College of Tourism, now offers a series of new practical courses.

Dubai College of Tourism said it has refreshed the courses in keeping with domestic demand and global travel trends in light of the evolving situation faced by the global tourism industry. Dubai Way is aimed at government and private sector staff engaged in tourist-facing roles, such as those working at hotels, airlines, airports, malls, transportation systems, theme parks and tourism attractions. It seeks to broaden their knowledge and skills in the tourism sector in Dubai.

New courses

New courses include ‘Introduction to Israel & Jewish Travellers’, a course that enables learners to understand Jewish guests’ culture and customs to provide the level of hospitality Dubai is known for. In addition, Dubai Way has introduced a brand new ‘Introduction to Health Tourism’ course in partnership with Dubai Health Experience. The ‘Introduction to Health Tourism’ course examines expectations of local health facilities at all touchpoints across the visitor experience, which is particularly important whilst Dubai continues to combat the spread of COVID-19.

There are also courses to learn about inbound market specific expectations with regards to service, including the Chinese Traveller Standards course.

Dubai Way has updated the platform with additional specialised hospitality courses that include:
• Food & Beverage Service
• Front Office
• Hospitality Management
• Running Successful Events

Essa Bin Hader, General Manager, Dubai College of Tourism, said: “The new courses will further highlight the important role played by the Dubai Way platform to ensure that people employed in tourist-facing roles are equipped with the required knowledge, market insights and excellent customer service skills when engaging with domestic and international travellers.”

He added: “As Dubai strives to achieve the goal of becoming the best place in the world to live, stay and visit, there is no better time than now, in this landmark year of the Expo 2020 and UAE’s 50th Anniversary, for industry employees to enrol for one of the Dubai Way training programmes to update their knowledge and skills.”