Dubai: Almost twelve days after a five-year-old boy was found abandoned near a mall in Dubai, police on Thursday said the child was abandoned by his biological mother five years ago and was being raised by a friend. Police have now arrested four women connected to the case.

The boy was found near Al Reef Mall on September 7 and spent a few nights at Muraqqabad police station before he was shifted to Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.


Brigadier Ali Ghanem, director of Muraqqabat police station said his biological mother left him two days after giving birth and handed him over to a woman friend in Sharjah.

“Ninety minutes after we called people to help identify the boy on September 7, we received a phone call that the boy was seen with an Asian woman in Sharjah,” he said.

The foster mother was arrested in Sharjah and she admitted that the boy was not her son and her countrywoman friend, the biological mother, had left him with her five years ago.