DEWA graphic for power supply safety
Sealing all spare conduits on rooftops is among the steps customers can take towards power safety and supply during the rainy season Image Credit: DEWA

Dubai: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has called on customers to undertake necessary measures during the rainy season to avoid any internal interruptions and ensure the safety and continuity of electricity supply.

DEWA urges its customers to visit its website and official pages on social media for more tips and guidelines.

DEWA highlighted the importance of using the services of a competent technician to:

-Carry out regular maintenance work;

-Check exposed connections, electrical cabinets and meter boxes;

-And secure them by using water-proof sockets and fixtures to avoid any interruption in DEWA’s services;

-Check all the connections are properly earthed to ensure the continuity of safe and stable electricity supplies.

In case of internal issues, customers can use the DEWA store to obtain the services of technical service providers.

DEWA urges customers to:

-Close all electrical cabinets;

-Replace any damaged meter windows;

-Seal all spare conduits on rooftops.

DEWA’s emergency number 991 is also available for any urgent technical notifications. Guidelines and tips to ensure stable and secure electricity supply are available on DEWA’s dedicated webpage for rain.

DEWA said its capabilities to forecast risk and adapt to change have helped it achieve “the best international results in recording the world’s lowest Customer Minutes Lost” (CML) of 1.66 minutes per year in 2020; compared to around 15 minutes in the European Union. It also recorded “one of the lowest water-network losses” of 5.1 per cent in 2020, compared to about 15 per cent in North America.