Dubai, the city of superlatives, is known, among many other things, for creating fascinating world records.

Leading the way, once again it will possibly feature in the Guinness Book of World Records for a slew of new feats, according to sources.

Earlier, the city successfully bid for the world's longest cake, largest apple pie, largest baba-ghanoosh (an Arab dish made of chickpea and aubergine), the largest biryani bowls, and the largest chocolate bar, among many others.

This year, Dubai is hosting the world's largest shopping trolley, the largest khandura (the traditional dress of UAE national men), the largest calendar, the largest basket, the largest paper clip and the largest photo mosaic of babies.

A team from the Guinness Book of World Records will be visiting Dubai today to assess these bids and their merit before delivering their verdict.

At the rate that Dubai hosts these world records, it could easily hold the record for venue with the highest number of world records! Perhaps feature in Ripley's Believe it Or Not – for creating the highest number of world records.

Among the new bids is the world's largest calendar.

All the pages will feature pictures of General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Defence Minister. The 1.5 x 2.1 metre calendar will have 14 pages.

The largest basket is round in shape and has a handle. Made of palm leaves, it measures 20 x 20 x 8 metres. It is completely hand-made and will surely be an interesting world record.

The largest paper clip, three metres in length, will prove to be a handy stationery item to have around, not easily misplaced!

The largest photo mosaic of babies in the UAE will be a large board with over 20,000 pictures. Photographs of children below the age of five and living in the UAE have been collected and will be compiled into the world's cutest collage. All participants whose photographs make it to this panel will be given a certificate stating that they are part of a world record venture.

The largest newspaper ball will feature a copy of every newspaper issued every day of last year. All the pages will be used. This is surely a unique venture that should find its place in world records.

The world's largest shopping trolley, 639 centimetres in length, 250 centimetres in breadth and 900 centimetres in height has been constructed by Century Mall and is parked in front of the mall, as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

More than 15 people laboured on the trolley for 15 days to have it ready in time for the launch of the DSF.

Weighing over two tonnes, the trolley is made of 1,800 kilos of steel rods. Since it is a fully functional and moveable trolley, four 3-ton pick-up tyres were installed on it.

Mahesh Kalwani, business development manager for the Safeer Group – owners of Century Mall, said: "The trolley is simply a representation of what we have planned for our shoppers at the mall this DSF. Apart from the daily entertainment events at the Mall throughout DSF — which include music and dance shows from across the world and children's events such as magic and mascot shows — there are also a series of promotions on offer for shoppers."

He said a team of professionals came up with the idea to create the largest shopping trolley, to complement the DSF activities and attractions.

"We have received inspiration from the DSF logo itself, which has been designed as a shopping bag. We thought, why not create a shopping trolley — the most sought after instrument in a mall or a hypermarket. It would be in line with the DSF's main activity — shopping.

"So, we decided to construct the world's largest shopping trolley and, to give it a realistic feel, we have attached wheels to make it moveable. It can be carried through Dubai's streets. We can also dismantle it and move it around."

Fascinating records so far


1. The world's longest cake: The massive cake, stretching 2.53kms weighed 74,000kgs, was baked as a tribute to the UAE President H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The cake cost $82,000.


1. The longest and heaviest gold chain: Measuring 4,382 metres, weighing 238kg. Sponsored by AngloGold, coordinated by World Gold Council and made by Siroya Jewellers.

2. The world's largest mattress: Measuring 10 metres long and eight metres wide with a thickness of 60 cms and weighing 2.5 tonnes. About 45 people made this over a 10 days period. It took over 700 man hours to make and four hours to move the crane.

3. The world's longest sofa: The 100-feet-long sofa beat the previous world record of a 24-feet sofa, made in England.

4. The world's largest stationery bicycle: The bicycle was 7.5 metres high with a six-metre diameter front wheel and 1.7 metre diametre back wheel. Six persons took six months to complete the bicycle.

5. The world's largest chair: The wrought-iron chair was 7.56 metres high and 3.2 metres wide.


1. The world's largest shawarma: Consisted of 1,850kg of boneless chicken; cooked in a specially fabricated grill of six metres on March 24, 2000.

2. The world's biggest raffle of Rolls Royce cars: During DSF 2000, Dubai raffled off 31 Rolls Royce silver seraph cars, in addition to 31 Nissan Patrol 4-wheel-drive vehicles and 57 kilos of gold. This was the biggest single order the UK-headquartered company has received in its 98-year-history.

3. The world's largest greeting card/message board: Measuring 157.5 metres in length and 2.5 metres in width, it was spread out in an area of 393 square metres.

4. The world's longest taxi parade: Dubai Transport Corp. rallied 1,100 taxis from its fleet to create the new world record, on March 24, 2000. The taxis drove through Sheikh Zayed Road to Al Seef Street.

5. The world's biggest craddle: Measuring 24 ft in length, 18 ft in height and 12 ft in width, enough to accommodate upto 50 babies.

6. The world's biggest spaghetti bowl: The 703 kgs of spaghetti was cooked in 500kg of sauce and was consumed in an hour's time by 5,000 people at Al Shindagha.


1. The world's largest Madkhan (incense burner): Weighing about 1,000kgs and created by Ajmal Perfumes.

2. The highest number of candles lit on a cake: A total of 2100 candles, each measuring 18 cm in height, were lit. The 2,100 number represented the number of rooms then available with the Rotana group of hotels in the UAE.

3. The world's biggest bowl of biryani: Breaking the previous world record of 1,500 kg, the world's biggest bowl of biryani weighed 1,885.4kg. More than 8,000 bowls of biryani were distributed at the Shindagha heritage site.

4. The world's tallest Croquembouche: It took 2,600 hours of labour and was made from 140,000 choux buns, 10,800 eggs, 360kg of flour and 240kg of butter.

5. The world's largest shopping bag: Measuring 71 inches in height, 47 inches in width and 9 inches in circumference, it was made by Paris Gallery.