Gorilla burger
Gorilla burger Image Credit: Supplied

Ras Al Khaimah: The Department of Economic Development in Ras Al Khaimah has closed down a restaurant for three days after it promoted a "gorilla burger" for Dh 3,000.

The restaurant has been slapped with a fine for violating commercial regulations .

Dr Abdul Rahman Al Shayeb Al Naqbi, Director General of the Department, said that misleading advertisements will not be tolerated.

He said such information can be used by social media users and exploited to damage the image of the UAE.

"Establishments should be accurate with their information in ads," he said.

The owner of the restaurant later said on his Instagram account that the real price of the sandwich was Dh60 and the Dh3,000 price was mentioned just to promote the product and that the full amount of money would be refunded to anyone who may have paid for it.

Ras Al Khaimah Municipality had sent a team to the restaurant to investigate the claims it had made on social media.

A video circulating on social media had shown the owner of the restaurant promoting the sandwich for Dh3,000 and calling it the “most expensive burger in the Middle East". The burger, according to the promotion, was made from "Australian Wagyu meat”.

The director of the restaurant earlier told Gulf News  that the burger was made from very expensive meat which was why it had such a high price. She said, “It’s a healthy meal consisting of fresh, high-quality Australian beef and special products that give it its own flavour.”

She added that the authorities were just visiting the premises because it was a new restaurant and that this was standard procedure.

Ras Al Khaimah Municipality took a sample of the burger to carry out tests and ensure that it conforms to stipulated food standards.