Sharjah Police patrol file photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: WAM

Sharjah: Sharjah Police on Tuesday afternoon found a French teenage girl who had gone missing from her Sharjah home in the early hours of Monday.

Meline Croiser, 17, daughter of popular French baker David Croiser, had disappeared between 1am and 5am after leaving an alarming note that said it might be her last day, according to her family. Sharjah Police said that the girl was transferred to hospital for medical check up after she was found near her house.

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David earlier said the family was extremely concerned about the safety of his daughter who is “emotionally fragile and was on medication to help with sleep.”

Camera footage

Police said they found Meline sitting in the sun in a desert in the Al Suyoh area, not too far from her house. Police said they used high tech methods in addition to camera footage to locate the girl.

A massive search had been launched after Meline went missing. The family and friends had shared posts on social media, distributed posters and checked all the places in the neighbhourhood. After they filed a complaint, the police also launched an intense operation to find her.

Sharjah Police said found the girl away from her family’s home, in the Al Siyouh suburb. A post was circulated on social media stating that she was missing.

The General Command of the police explained that the search and investigation procedures resulted in locating her. She is in good health, and work is underway to complete the necessary procedures to hand her over to her family.

Al Siyouh Al Shamil Police Station had received a report on Monday at 11:40 am from the girl’s father, stating that his daughter left the house late, and communication with her was lost, adding that he had no information regarding her whereabouts.

After 24 hours of a comprehensive search, the police found her safe and sound.

Grateful to Sharjah Police

The family said they were extremely grateful to Sharjah Police for finding Meline. “We have no words to thank the police,” said David. “They kept the search on for 35 hours despite no sign of finding her.”

Pooja, a family friend, said: “The family was really disturbed. They are very happy their daughter was found finally. We all are grateful.”

Meline was admitted at Al Dhaid Hospital. “She is weak and getting fluids. But, we are happy she was found safe,” added Pooja.

The police said they would investigate more details about the circumstances that led to her disappearance once Meline became medically stable.