Courtesy: Dubai Police Evil designs items ostensibly used in the practice of black magic that were seized from the trio, all of whose victims were women.

Dubai: Three women from different nationalities were arrested for taking money from people and practising sorcery and magic in Dubai.

The Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said that the clients were also women.

Brigidier General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director General of the Criminal Investigation Department, said that the department succeeded in arresting a suspect, Arab nationalM.M.A. who took advantage of her relationship with the victim who was her colleague.

The suspect, who worked as a salesperson, convinced the victim that she had supernatural abilities and was able to call upon genies work for her. The victim was afraid and gave her more than Dh200,000.

Al Mansouri added that in the second case the victim,Sh. Sh. D., who is a Gulf national, met the accused in an Asian country.

The accused convinced Sh.Sh.D. that someone had cast a spell on her and asked her to procure a gazelle skin, soil from a cemetery, shrouds, one sheep and four chicken.

The sorcerer received large amounts of money from the victim, who was contacted by the sorcerer for additional funds.

The police were able to devise a plan to lure the suspect into the country and she was arrested in March. The suspect (S.B.S.) had received Dh100,000 over time from the victim.

Lieutenant Colonel Salah Juma Bu Osaibah, the head of the economic crimes division, said that the third suspect, Mama. S., was an African woman.

The woman lived in Hamdan area in Dubai and claimed that she could cure migraines, among other ailments.

H.R.M,, an Arab national, heard of the woman’s abilities and sought her help. Mama. S. claimed that she could cure the woman through a mixture of herbs and water, and was able to extort Dh20,000 from her.

All three women reported their cases to the police in Dubai who urged the public not to believe people who claim to have supernatural abilities or who resort to sorcery to solve their problems.