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Dubai: Three men have been accused of robbing a woman and threatening to kill her and her husband with a knife after posing as police officers, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

The 32-year-old Pakistani woman, who allegedly works as prostitute, welcomed the three Pakistani men into her home while her husband was there before they had a dispute over money.

The three men then stole her money and jewellery and threatened to kill her and her husband.

When she reported the robbery incident to police, she was also arrested for prostitution.

Police were called to the incident in Naif in February of this year after the husband reported the crime.

'Always causing problems'

“The watchman told me that she works as prostitute and is always causing problems,” said a police officer.

“We arrested one of the suspects who confessed that he found a naked picture of the woman online with her number.

“He called her and she agreed to have sex with him for Dh200.

“He took his two friends to her apartment and saw her husband sitting in a wheelchair. After he had sex with her, they had a dispute over the money.”

One of the defendants raised a knife and threatened to kill her before stealing Dh3,500, a mobile phone and two gold earrings worth Dh500.

The Pakistani woman testified that she had sex with one of the defendants but later the trio started searching her home for cash.

“One of them raised a small knife and put it on my husband’s throat. They told me that they are policemen and stole cash, a mobile phone and my two earrings before escaping,” said the woman.

The three Pakistani defendants aged between 22 and 27, were charged with robbery, threatening and posing as policemen.

The Pakistani woman was charged with prostitution.

The trial has been adjourned until April 29.