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Dubai: Two Emirati men have gone on trial accused of posing as Interpol officers to kidnap a man and steal Dh1.7 million from him, a Dubai court heard on Monday.

The 33-year-old Indian victim was stopped by two Emirati men aged 36 and 37, who were posing as police near his workplace in Bani Yas Square, Dubai, in May of this year.

“One of them showed me papers from the United Nations and claimed that they work for the Interpol,” said the victim. “I was carrying Dh1.7 million in a black bag. The money was for my company,” he explained. “I believed they were from Interpol and took me to the back seat of a car which was nearby. There was another man inside the car,” he added.

The victim texted his colleague to say that he had been arrested.

The defendants then took him to a villa which was still under construction in Abu Dhabi, and forced him to sit on the ground when a Pakistani defendant who is still at large, spoke to the victim about the contents of the bag.

“They yelled at me and terrified me before they took the money,” said the victim.

However, the defendants were arrested minutes later on their way back to Dubai as the victim’s colleague had alerted Dubai Police.

An Emirati police officer testified that the victim’s friend had claimed that unknown men took his friend while he was outside the workplace carrying a bag full of cash.

“We identified the suspects and arrested the first defendant while he was returning the victim from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. He admitted that a Pakistani friend planned the robbery and that they would share the money between them,” the police officer added.

Dubai Police arrested the second defendant while other two are still at large.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the second defendant admitted to taking his share of the money, which was Dh292,000.

The two defendants failed to show in court and the trial has been adjourned until October 7.