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Man in handcuffs. Photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested a former employee of a gym on charges of destroying the workplace to take revenge against the owner.

According to an official, the former employee, who was angry after he was terminated from his job, broke into the place, damaged the property and fled the scene.

The incident was a mystery for policemen as the man was wearing a mask, but a piece of damaged glass found in the employee’s house gave him away.

First Lieutenant Expert Omar Al Marzooqi from the Forensic Evidence and Crime Scene Department in Dubai Police said the owner reported damages in the gym, saying a masked man had broke glass and machines.

“We investigated the matter and questioned some suspects who denied committing the crime. The former employee, at whose place we found clothes similar to what the attacker was wearing, also denied having a hand in the incident,” said Lt Al Marzooqi.

However, crime scene experts analysed a small piece of glass that was found on his clothes.

“We checked the type of glass used in the gym and it matched the piece of glass found on the clothes.”

When the former employee was confronted with the evidence, he admitted to breaking into the gym at night, said Al Marqooqi.

The defendant has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution.

Dubai Police affirmed that all samples from the crime scene are being analysed and protected to solve mysteries behind crimes.

“We store each sample in special containers as it a piece of evidence to solve a crime. Anything found on the crime scene is like a silent witness,” he added.