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Dubai: A family’s driver went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of sexually abusing a seven-year-old girl while he was driving her to her house.

The Syrian girl was in the passenger seat in front while her older sister was in the back seat, when the 34-year-old Indian driver touched her private parts in May.

“I yelled at him and pushed his hand away. I even slapped him but he was laughing and asked me to sit on his lap and drive the car but I refused,” the girl testified.

The nine-year-old sister saw what the driver did and they both alerted their mother the moment they arrived home at Al Barsha.

“She told me that she slapped the defendant. I told her that she can’t slap a man her father’s age but she told me that he touched her inappropriately. Her sister confirmed what happened,” the mother said in records.

The parents alerted the police, who apprehended the driver.

However, the defendant has denied charges of sexual abuse.

The verdict is expected on July 15, until which the driver will remain under police custody.