Ajman Police conducted the operation with Abu Dhabi Police. Image Credit: Ajman Police

Ajman: Police have arrested a gang of seven Asians who swindled other people by claiming to have won fake prizes. The gang was busted in a joint operation carried out by Ajman Police and Abu Dhabi Police.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Saeed Al Nuaimi, director of Criminal Investigation Department at Ajman Police, said the suspects were caught in a raid at their hideout, which was used by the con men to call people to ask them to transfer money in return for valuable prizes. The fraudsters would ask for the targeted victims’ bank account details and card so they could deposit their ‘grand prize amount in the accounts’, he added.

Police formed a team after receiving a tipoff from one of the victims in Abu Dhabi and tracked down the suspects and managed to arrest all of them in Ajman.


The suspects had rented a house in Ajman’s Al Rashidiya area from where they were carrying out the crime. During the raid, police found 19 mobile phones and 70 SIM cards that were used by them. Investigation revealed that the suspects corrupted the SIM cards with which they had called the victims in order to avoid police scrutiny. The suspects have been referred to the public prosecution.

Ajman Police urged all community members to cooperate with security agencies and report any suspicious acts or crimes on 999.

Police urged the public not to be fooled by phone scams and report them promptly to the police. “Banks don’t ask for you banking details or personal information through SMS, emails or through phone calls to update your banking details,” Liet. Col. Al Nuaimi said.