20200714 dubai court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: An expat who touched a woman’s backside inside an elevator has offered to marry her, claiming he is in love with her.

The 30-year-old Filipina victim testified in the Dubai Court of First Instance that she was walking back to her apartment at the International City last month when she saw the defendant approach her.

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He tried to speak with her but when she ignored him, he followed her to the lift and touched her back, all the way down from her shoulder.

“He tried to speak with me but I kept walking towards my building. He entered the lift with me. He said that he loves me and wants us to be married. I asked him to stay away from me, but he touched my body inappropriately,” said the victim in official records.

When the lift reached the third floor, the woman escaped to her apartment and alerted Dubai Police.

“I informed the security guard who checked the surveillance cameras to identify the suspect,” she added.

Dubai Police have arrested the 25-year-old Pakistani defendant.

He was charged with molesting the Filipina victim.

The verdict is expected on October 19.