Dubai Court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A Dubai maid, who posted her photo on Instagram wearing her employer’s clothes which she stole, was sentenced to three months in jail. The court has also issued a Dh500 fine against the maid. She will be deported after serving her jail term.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the maid’s 26-year-old Emirati sponsor was checking Instagram last December when he came across an account with the name of his Filipina maid. He was shocked to see her picture in which she was wearing his wife’s clothes.

“The Instagram account was of the maid and she had posted a picture wearing clothes that looked like my wife’s clothes. When I told my wife, she confirmd it was her clothes and the maid had taken the picture inside our house,” the Emirati said on record. He then searched the 27-year-old Filipina’s room and found the stolen clothes hidden in her closet.

“My wife found other stolen items too in the room. They included a handbag, lipstick and shoes. The value of the items was around Dh500.”

Dubai Police arrested the maid and seized her mobile phone. During interrogation, the defendant admitted to have committed the theft and hidden the stolen items in her room.