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Unverified protective gear and other products were seized from three villas. Photo for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested a gang for illegally selling masks, gloves and other protective medical gear through WhatsApp, an official said on Monday.

Brigadier Jamal Al Jallaf, director of Criminal Investigation Department at Dubai Police, said three Asian men had hidden the goods inside three villas in different areas of the emirate.

Police seized 400,000 masks, 25,000 medical gloves, 1,000 eye protection gear, 270 hazmat suits and 3,900 bottle with undisclosed contents. The products were of unverified brands.

“The gang was selling medical products from unidentified sources in the market by promoting them through WhatsApp. Dubai Police will do all it can to prevent such practices and arrest anyone who try to take advantage of the current situation,” Brig al Jallaf said.

Colonel Salah Bu Osaiba, director of the Department of Anti-Economic Crimes at Dubai Police, said Dubai Police was tipped off about the gang selling products to people via WhatsApp.

“They were breaking the law that regulates the sale of medical equipment in the country. We monitored the gang’s movement in the emirate and raided the hideouts. We found a large quantity of masks, gloves and other medical equipment from unverified sources,” Col Bu Osaiba said.

Dubai Police said the gang were arrested before selling the products to the customers.

The suspects have been referred to the concerned authority for legal action.