Abu Dhabi police 2 men arrested for drugs
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a Latino and an Arab man for possession of 5kg of cocaine.

The arrest disrupts an active international gang targeting Middle Eastern countries in trafficking and promoting narcotic substances and psychotropic substances, according to authorities.

Major Tahir Gharib Al-Zahri, Director of the Anti-Drugs Directorate in the Criminal Security Sector of Abu Dhabi Police, revealed that the operation was successful through proactive monitoring and confirmed information and after the implementation of a court security plan to track the movements of the first Latino accused, with the assistance of his Arab partner, which led to the seizure and possession of the illegal substances.

Abu Dhabi Police has once again emphasized its unwavering commitment to effectively and proficiently combat the drug epidemic using state-of-the-art techniques and resources. They have highlighted their remarkable achievements in thwarting the elaborate strategies employed by drug dealers, who employ various criminal tactics to introduce harmful substances into our community and target our youth.


The Anti-Drug Directorate has been alerted to address this pressing crisis and safeguard the youth from its dangers. Their focus is on upholding the security and safety of our society by implementing an advanced operational framework that leverages smart technologies and highly skilled professionals. These experts are adept at detecting and countering various forms of criminal activities.

It is essential to underscore that Abu Dhabi Police maintains a strong stance against anyone attempting to undermine the state's laws, be it through exploitation, promotion, or illicit trading. They are resolute in their commitment to enforce the law and maintain order.

The official encouraged community members to enhance their collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police in the fight against the drug problem and in minimising the potential spread of drug-related issues.

Help the police combat drug menace

This can be achieved by sharing security-related information through the hotline at 8002626.

Such cooperation plays a vital role in bolstering community security, creating a secure and tranquil environment, and shielding it from the perils of criminal activities.