Labourers in the UAE
Image Credit: GN Archive

Abu Dhabi: Companies are no longer permitted to send workers out of Abu Dhabi and must limit their travel to within Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra, the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi said on its official Twitter account.

Violating workers transporting companies will be fined from Dh3,000 to Dh10,000 and the firm can be shut down as well, an official spokesperson of the DED told Gulf News on Tuesday.

The department’s measures also prevent the entry of workers from other emirates into Abu Dhabi.

“Companies are not allowed to send workers out of the UAE capital and limit their travel to within Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Dhafra,” a tweet of the DED said Tuesday.

The department has taken further precautionary and preventative measures to protect the health and safety of workers from the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), reducing the likelihood of infection, the authority said.

The official also clarified that as per a circular, which was issued to worker transporting companies in Abu Dhabi, said the circular didn’t restrict the movement of individuals and managing officials of the company from movement.

“It is only for the labour companies who transport workers from one place to another place,” he said.

At first violation, a Dh3,000 will be levied on the firm and it would double once repeated the violation, he said adding for the third time, the company will be fined Dh8,000, and Dh10,000 if repeated the offence for the fourth time.

Even the firm will be shut down if the offence is repeated for more than four times, the official said.

Speaking on a local television today, Rashid Abdul Kareem Al Baloushi, undersecretary of the DED, said, “these measures are to protect the health of workers and ensure their safety at labour camps, and all preventive measures were put in place at labour camps to ensure their safety because the virus spreads from contacting each other.”

If the workers remain at a place, largely it can be contained but if they spread at worksites and other places, it will be challenging to limit the spread, he said.

These all measures are to safeguard workers and the community as whole, he said.

He appreciated the worker’s companies for cooperating with the government to contain the virus spread.