Blended learning
A virtual class. Picture for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) has urged students to cover all basic subjects in the distance learning programme slated to begin on March 22.

From Sunday, March 22 onwards, schools will have to launch the “distance learning process for all students”, the Adek announced in a statement issued through its website and social media platforms. Schools will maintain a two-week spring break this year, from March 8 to March 19, as announced by education regulator.

“The Adek urges all students to cover basic subjects: Arabic, Math, Science and English,” the statement said.

“We urge parents to support their children during this period, and we encourage them to continuously communicate with schools to follow the educational process for their children,” the authority said.

It said schools have the freedom to decide what learning and online platforms to use in order to deliver lessons and assignments to students. Adek said it will work extensively over the next two weeks to provide additional educational resources if needed. Schools are also allowed to decide what material to teach remotely.

The Adek has also left the door open to extend the distance-learning period if deemed necessary.

“The government health authorities will continuously evaluate the situation during the holiday…We invite you to follow us on [on social media and our webpage] to keep abreast of the latest developments,” it added.

Last day of school for Asian schools

Meanwhile, for Asian schools that end their academic year in March, the Adek has designated today, March 5, as the last day of the year.

“Student grades must be calculated accordingly. Internal [final] exams will not be conducted, as prescribed, and the Adek will work with schools to ensure that students preparing for external [board] exams are not affected,” Adek said.

The Adek also said that parents will not be refunded any fees in lieu of the longer break.

“Schools will continue to provide education services during the holiday, in line with their academic plans, from March 22. Schools have developed a sistance education plan, and teachers will support students during these two weeks,” the Adek statement said.


For all school-related enquiries, the Adek has designated a dedicated hotline: +971 56 377 1833.