Valet parking staff have to follow a new protocol now Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: All valet parking service across permitted industries and businesses in Dubai are allowed now, provided the staff adhere to the stringent precautionary measures that are required of them.

Outlining the updated protocol in its plan on the reopening of various sectors, Dubai Economy has made it mandatory for valet parking staff to change their gloves and sanitise their hands after every car valet service.

It has stipulated that valet parking staff should wear protective face shields if they come in direct contact with customers and guests. Wearing masks and gloves at all times is also a must.

The new protocol also requires the use of disposable covers for seats and steering wheels.

It says each valet station should have sanitising wipes that are used to wipe down the steering wheel, gear stick and any other surface touched by the staff before handing over the car. The valet attendant should also keep the air conditioner on for sometime before delivering the car back to the guests (while keeping the doors and windows open) to achieve the right amount of fresh air/circulation.

The valet attendant can also use fogging sanitation or special strong fans for ventillation purposes, the update says.

The staff should undergo mandatory temperature screening and refrain from coming to work if they show any symptoms of COVID-19.

Parking facilities and common surfaces should also be regularly cleaned and disinfected, the update adds.