Dubai move permit
Move permit after 8pm will be issued only to those who have to go out on an emergency Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Starting today, movement restrictions will kick in from 8pm and be effective until 6am across the emirates in the UAE, according to the change in timings of the national sterilisation programme announced by the authorities on Monday.

The revised timings are effective until further notice.

A Dubai Police said despite the changes in movement restrictions, the permit website is still operational for emergency cases. Dubai residents can still apply for a move permit to go out between 8pm and 6am if they have a medical emergency.

“The permits and the hotline are still operating. We urge people to cooperate with the concerned authority by following precautionary measures. We have witnessed excellent cooperation from the public in following these instructions and helping those at the frontline,” said a Dubai Police official.

The official urged people to make sure that they get their groceries or other necessities before the restriction hours.

“Please note that all permits will be automatically rejected except for medical emergency permits,” the Dubai Police permit website clearly states.

The website has been functional ever since the introduction of the 24-hour movement restrictions, which were eased at the start of Ramadan. But most permits are getting rejected unless they are for medical emergencies.

The online system requires residents to state their reason for going out, even in cases of emergency.

Those found to be violating the movement restriction will face a Dh3,000 fine during the sterilisation period..

It also requires people to fill in details like their nationality, nature of job, phone number, ID number and car licence plate number if they are driving, or mention any sort of transportation being used.

Dubai Police has urged the public to call the permit hotline 800 737648 or 901 for non-emergency enquiries.

The RTA says the objective behind the one-hour difference between the metro operation timing (7am to 9pm) and the national disinfection program timings (8pm to 6am) is to ensure sufficient time for metro users and prevent overcrowding.