Pedestrians shelters from the sun in Dubai. Image Credit: Francois Nel/Gulf News

Dubai: People who walk or cycling to go buy essentials in Dubai will need a permit, Gulf News has learnt.

According to a new update on the Dubai permit website, people who walk or cycle outside their homes to buy essential food or medicine now need a permit as well.

Residents who wish to move during the 24-hour sterilisation programme must apply for a movement permit following Dubai’s Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management decision.

To apply, log on to https://dxbpermit.gov.ae/permits.

When Gulf News checked the permit website a new option appeared enabling people to tick an option for what mode of transport they will be using.

People can select from different options like car, metro, bus, walking or cycling.

Permit website now shows cyclists, pedestrians
Permit website now has options for cyclists, pedestrians Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai Police confirmed this when Gulf News enquired. An official said those who want to step out to buy essentials will need a permit for any mode of transport including walking or cycling.

Police advised people not to go everyday to supermarkets, pharmacies and instead buy their essentials in bulk to have enough food and medicine to last two to three days.

The official urged people to use deliveries in order to not have to register for a permit.

Dubai Police advised people to go shopping in bulk but still get a permit in case they are stopped and asked to present it by police to avoid a fine. 

“People should use cycling only as a matter of transportation to go to the supermarket or pharmacy and back and not to cycle around their homes (as a form of leisure or recreation),” the official added.

Dubai Police added that those who do get the permit to visit the shops via foot or cycle to collect essentials items should wear gloves, masks and keep safe distance from others.

The movement permit website (dxbpermit.gov.ae) has been updated and now it features an FAQs section.

For more enquiries, call 800PERMIT (800737648).