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Dubai: ‘Car Baked Cookie’ might sound like a fun campaign, but in reality it is an initiative aimed at highlighting the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.

Dubai-based AW Rostamani Group, who are leading the campaign, will show how high temperatures can get when a car is parked in direct sunlight by baking cookies on the dashboard.

The campaign slogan “If it’s hot enough to bake, it’s hot enough to cause death” rings true when you consider temperatures can reach 80C in confined, unventilated vehicles.

According to the campaign, children are much more susceptible to temperature changes than adults as their smaller bodies heat and cool more quickly.

The brain and major organs can be damaged within 10 minutes once a child’s core temperature exceeds 40C, while death is a real risk if it rises just a couple of degrees more.

Michel Ayat, Director of AW Rostamani, said: “The loss of a child is a tragic event for every family but all the more heartbreaking when it is avoidable. We at AW Rostamani share in the grief of parents who have lost young ones in this way, but the answer is simple — never leave your child unattended, especially in a vehicle.”

He added they hope parents remember car baked cookies and make sure they never leave their children behind.

If you see a unattended child in a car, call Dubai Police on 901. If you are worried an unattended child in a car is in grave danger, call Dubai Police on 999.

Demonstrations and cookie giveaways are planned at events to be held after Ramadan, which will act as a reminder of the campaign’s message.

More information is available on the campaign’s website, www.carbaked.com. You can also support the campaign on twitter, using the hashtag ‘#CarBaked’.