Sharjah: Keen to ride a jet ski this summer? Enjoy it all you want but make sure to avoid disturbing swimmers and tourists, or making unnecessary noise and disturbing large boats and fishing boats, or throwing rubbish into the sea.

Such was the reminder sent out by Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) as it actively ramps up efforts to raise public awareness and tighten supervision of jet ski riding in the city.

Safe environment

As the summer season kicks in and water sports gain popularity, the Sharjah Municipality is keen to ensure the safe and proper use of this recreational activity while adhering to relevant regulations.

Khalifa Bughanim Al Suwaidi, Acting Director of the Control and Inspection Department, said that as jet skiing attracts the public during the summer, inspection teams are tasked to ensure compliance with regulations, laws and requirements.

Al Suwaidi said Sharjah Municipality said the teams monitor and enforce compliance.

Close monitoring

Moreover, a dedicated outpost has been set up in the Al Mamzar area, serving as a hub for monitoring the sport, overseeing the rental process, detecting any negative behaviours, and taking appropriate administrative and legal measures.

The Sharjah Municipality aims to create a safer environment for jet ski riders. Their proactive approach seeks to promote responsible behaviour, prioritising the well-being and safety of participants and the surrounding areas.

Avoid unsafe, risky behaviour

Al Suwaidi explained that practicing this sport requires more awareness and caution to limit any damage that may affect the individual or the vehicle itself.

Al Suwaidi said the municipality stresses adherence to safety instructions, such as wearing a life jacket and not driving recklessly.

There are places designated for driving jet skis in the emirate.

Al Suwaidi noted that the municipality provides rescue teams on the beaches, including Al Mamzar Beach, part of which is dedicated to practicing jet skiing to deal with emergency cases.

That the company that rents out the jet ski must abide by certain regulations and laws.

Jet ski Rules:

  • Reckless jet ski riders will be immediately stopped.
  • It is prohibited to rent a jet skit after sunset.
  • Only one person is allowed to ride a jet ski.
  • A number must be assigned to every jet ski.
  • It must be secured, and rental companies must adhere to the space allocated them
  • Jet ski companies must maintain cleanliness at all times.
  • Those under 15 years of age should NOT be allowed to use/rent a jet ski.
  • Jet ski rental companies must get taking sufficient data of each renter.
  • Carrying out any maintenance or repair work for jet skis in rental sites is prohibited.