The number of cheque complaints went up by 25 per cent compare last year compared to 2019. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Rashidiya police station settled bounced cheque cases worth Dh2 billion last year, compare to cheque cases around Dh1.6 billion in 2019, an official said.

Brigadier Saeed Bin Sulaiman, director of Al Rashidiya police station, said the number of cheque complaints went up by 25 per cent compare last year compared to 2019, with 6,912 complaints. “We provided an office inside the detention centre to host the parties for negotiation on settling the bounced cheque complaints. Many people reached a friendly settlement,” said Brig Bin Sulaiman.

He said that Dubai Police doesn’t interfere between the parties during the settlement but they provide aid to achieve the settlement. “As soon as one of the parties showed interest in reaching a settlement, police won’t proceed with the legal procedure of complaints. If there is no settlement, then the case is referred to public prosecution,” he added.

Specialised teams

Brig Bin Sulaiman pointed that cheques settlement in all police stations across the emirate helped to solve the problem. He said that specialised teams search for wanted people in bounced cheque cases to solve the problem and reduce the its impact. “Al Rashidiya police station has been taking preventive measures to combat this crime by assigning teams to track down wanted defendants in bounced cheque cases, monitor them, and present them to justice.”

The settlement option enables people to restart their commercial activities and get on with their lives. Moreover, Dubai Police said people can register a bounced cheque complaint via the police application and the two parties in the case can keep track of the procedures on their phones.