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Abu Dhabi Police warn parents against leaving children in cars Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have warned parents not to leave their children inside cars, especially during hot weather as it could lead to death.

Police have reminded parents that it is a crime to leave a child unattended and that anyone caught doing so would be referred to court.

When children are left alone in vehicles they could play with the ignition, gears and handbrake, or even switch off the air conditioning, which could endanger the lives of those left in vehicles while parents are away and shopping.

Turning off the engine leads to a lack of oxygen and high temperatures further worsen it, which could end in death, police said.

“A number of incidents happened in past when children were left inside vehicles and they suffocated to death. It’s considered sheer negligence of families in first place as they children don’t understand the risks that surround them while inside vehicles while alone,” the police said.

Parents must protect their children and the role of the family is vital, a police statement added.

Abu Dhabi Police appealed motorists not to leave children inside vehicles alone while shopping or for any other reason, to avoid endangering their lives, as this is a crime punishable by law.