Abu Dhabi: A multi-lingual song by singers of 44 different nationalities in 44 languages is all set to be launched on the UAE’s 44th National Day across several radio stations and TV channels.

Sathesh Eriyalath, 34, the man behind the initiative said, the song titled Kulluna Emarat, meaning ‘Our Emirate’, has a bit of everything from Arabic and English to Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Nepalese, Bengali. Several African and European languages also figure in the song.

“I want to dedicate this song to the nation as a token of gratitude from all expatriates who have made UAE their second home,” said Eriyalath who runs a Dubai-based media company.

He said the song was originally written in English and was translated by individual singers in their native languages. “I wanted each singer to sing a few lines in his/her language. It was quite a challenge to find 44 singers from 44 different countries and then get them to sing. Some agreed readily while others had to be persuaded. It took almost a month to put it all together. But it was worth the effort and I am very happy with the end result,” said Eriyalath.

Video on YouTube

All singers involved in the project offered their service for free.

The music has been composed by Jassie Gift, a popular south Indian music director and singer.

A video of the song, shot in all seven emirates, will be released on YouTube on December 2.