Luggage, Dubai Airport
Everything you need to know about packing your luggage when leaving or entering the UAE Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Dubai Customs dealt with 20.44 million items of luggage on board 88,000 flights arriving into Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport last year, according to statistics released on Sunday. They also completed 34,200 customs transactions and made 1,301 seizures, 1,198 of which were criminal and 103 which were customs seizures. An advanced full body scanner was behind a number of seizures, including a passenger’s attempt to smuggle 82 cocaine capsules weighing 1,157 grams in her stomach. Two bags of khat weighing 37-kg and a 4.3-kg bag of cocaine were also seized in other incidents.

Director General of Dubai Customs Ahmed Mahboob Musabih toured terminal three and said, “In fulfilment of our wise leadership’s vision and in support of our national economy we do our best to facilitate passenger traffic and enhance Dubai external trade. Dubai is a global tourism and trade hub, and for this we, at Dubai Customs, make sure to be close to the passengers and listen to their suggestions and expectations.”