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Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has filed complaints with the Public Prosecution against 17 people of different nationalities on charges of forgery and circumvention of the ministry’s electronic system ‘Tas’heel’.

They committed fraud by issuing and renewing work permits in contravention of the law and applicable regulations, as well as paying fees for other work permits less than legally due, a senior official said yesterday.

Mohammed Saqr Al Nuaimi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for Support Services, warned that any attempt to circumvent the systems will be discovered through the ministry’s internal control system and dealt with strictly.

Al Nuaimi explained that eight of the defendants were working for a number of companies that the ministry allow access to its systems to complete their transactions.

“However, the defendants exploited the authority granted to them and circumvented the electronic system through submitting transactions of other businesses related to the renewal of a number of work permits in a manner that led to the collection of fees prescribed for the said transactions below the legally due,” he said.

Al Nuaimi pointed out that seven defendants working in other businesses, who also have access to the electronic system, have defrauded the system by applying for work permits at reduced fees, although these fees do not apply to these permits as the ministry grants this privilege only to companies with at least 50 per cent of the multicultural ratios of its employees.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, out of its keenness to facilitate the procedures and support employers, grants certain companies the facility in keeping with the relevant controls and conditions an electronic programme that allows them to complete their transactions and access the electronic system of the ministry, similarly to Tas’heel service centres.

Al Nuaimi added that the control systems applied by the ministry revealed that two of the defendants have completed the processing of 15 work permits for domestic workers in the names of a number of citizens after they submitted the required documents.

They had authorisations attributed to these citizens, appended to them forged signatures and photocopies of their passports, which they obtained in one way or another.

He said that the ministry will not tolerate anyone attempting to exploit the simplified procedures approved by the ministry to meet the expectations of its customers and achieve their happiness.

Al Nuaimi stressed that the internal control system at the ministry is able to detect any cases to circumvent the regulations and identify people directly involved.

Al Nuaimi praised the efforts and cooperation of the ministry’s partners and the strong internal control system, which resulted in the disclosure of the 17 defendants and their referral to the Public Prosecution to take appropriate action against them.